Zakat Al Fitr 2014 – going to Gaza

Zakat Al Fitr for Gaza (£4 per person) – Deadline to for giving to Croydon ICT: Friday 25 July 2014

Since we opened in 2009, Croydon ICT has continued to send our Zakat Al Fitr collections to Pakistan, and last year we sent it to Syria as part of our humanitarian aid project. See details and pictures of how we distributed the combined Sadaqah and Zakat Al Fitr of £18,756.18 here >>

This year, we have agreed with our community to send the Zakat to the people of Gaza InshaAllah, through a reputable charity who are delivering aid on the ground through their dedicated staff in Palestine, including to the only major hospital in Gaza.

If you wish to donate your Zakat Al Fitr through Croydon ICT, you must do so by Friday 25 July 2014, in order for it to be delivered before Eid. This is the final day we can accept your Zakat Al Fitr. Zakat Al Fitr payable for Gaza is £4 per person.

REMEMBER: Zakat Al Fitr is WAJIB on all, even the new-born. The head of the Muslim household should give on his own behalf and on behalf of those on whom he spends. Some of the Ulemah also mention that every individual should give their own Zakat Al Fitr and that if they cannot give it on their own behalf, the head of the household should. Learn more about Zakat Al Fitr here >>

Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) made zakat al-fitr obligatory as a means of purifying the fasting person from idle talk and foul language, and to feed the poor. Whoever pays it before the prayer, it is an accepted zakat, and whoever pays it after the prayer, it is just a kind of charity (sadaqah).” (Reported by Abu Dawood, 1371. Al-Nawawi said: Abu Dawood reported it from Ibn ‘Abbaas with a hasan isnaad).

For more information please contact us on or call 020 8760 0552. JazakAllahukhairan, Croydon ICT Management