Zakat Al Fitr 2013 – going to Syria

Since we opened in 2009, Croydon ICT has continued to send our Zakat Al Fitr collections to Multan, Pakistan. This year, we have agreed with our community to send the Zakat to Syria, to an orphans and widows camp.

The last date you can deliver your Zakat Al Fitr to the Masjid in order for it to reach Syria is Friday 26 July 2013 – only 4 days left. The minimum donation per head is £3.50.

Brother Omar Sulaiman from the Croydon ICT Community will be delivering the Zakat Al Fitr and other general charity from our community on our behalf, a few miles from the Syrian / Turkish border, InshaAllah.

The situation in Syria is extremely dire:

  • 1.6 million registered refugees (approx 50% children) (source: UNHCR as of 22/07/2013)
  • 5,000 dying every month in the country’s civil war (source: UN Press Release 16/07/2013)

You can see pictures of our 2012 Zakat Al Fitr being distributed in Multan HERE >> and the 2011 distribution HERE >>

For more information please contact our General Manager, Tariq on or call 020 8760 0552.