Zakat Al Fitr 2013: distributed in Syria!

As you know, Croydon ICT was engaged in a humanitarian aid project during Ramadhan, helping to raise funds for the plight of the Muslims in Syria.

As such, two brothers from our community travelled to the Turkish border to Syria to deliver essential items purchased from your generous donations and also items that you donated, such as baby food, medicines and toys for children. Gallery of images below.

Since opening in 2009, we have always ensured that our Zakat Al Fitr collection is delivered on time and for the purpose of providing a variety of food and drink supplies on the day of Eid, handed out personally by CICT volunteers – Alhamdulillah, we were able to do this with your generous donations once again, and this time for an orphans and widows camp in Syria.

This year we had our biggest Zakat Al Fitr collection to date: £6,857.18 – MashaAllah – and this was supplemented by an even greater generosity from you all by way of Sadaqah, which totalled £11,900 – so in total, your contributions were £18,756.18! AllahuAkbar!

In such dire circumstances, your generosity was able to deliver joy and happiness to our brothers, sisters and children in Islam, who continue to suffer in Syria. Please continue to remember them all in your duas.

You can see images of the delivered supplies and the people putting them to good use below.