Warnings From Rasul Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam | Khutbah 17/03/2017 (Jumaada Al-Thaani – 1438)

Delivered by Ustadh Taalib Alexander at CICT

In this khutbah the ustadh discusses the following:

  • Competing for the pleasures of this world
  • Compete with one another in piety
  • Accumulating riches while our brothers & sisters are dying of starvation
  • Whoever makes the akhira his priority …..
  • Whoever makes the dunya his priority …..
  • Prophet feared for us the temptations of the stomach, private parts & misguidance of desires
  • Around Paradise are trials and hardships
  • Around Hell fire are desires and pleasures
  • Everything we say and do is recorded and we will be called to account
  • Covering bad deeds with good deeds

Listen, Benefit & Spread The Knowledge inshaAllah

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