Teaching The Deen – Bi-Monthly Seminar

Teaching the Deen - Seminar at Croydon ICT on Sunday 24 March 2013Sunday 24th March 2013 – our bi-monthly seminar with a host of guest lecturers from 3.00pm till 7.00pm.

Teaching the Deen is both a privilege and a commitment that we are all bound to as Muslims. This one day seminar is designed to help you learn about Teaching the Deen. Spread the word!

Brothers and Sisters are welcome, and the more people you invite, the more reward you will gain, InshaAllah.

The speakers and their topics are as follows, and you can also see the event flyer below:

  • Omar al-Jamaykee: Imam Brixton Mosque
    What is Islam?
  • Muawiyah Tucker: Graduate Madinah Islamic University
    Misunderstanding Islam
  • Abu Abdullah: Graduate Madinah Islamic University
    How to seek knowledge of Islam

Teaching the Deen Seminar at Croydon ICT