Sisters’ class: Important lessons for every Muslim


Tuesdays after Duhr – Starts 3rd August 2021

Delivered by: Ibrahim Abu Tameem

What will be covered

  • Tafseer of shortest chapters in the Qur’an
  • Important principles of Islamic creed (belief)
  • Fiqh of purification & Salaah
  • Islamic Manners


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  1. Crystal sillince

    Salam I would like too come too the classes what times on a Tuesday please

    1. Tigo Moustakim

      Salamo alaikoum wa rahamtu llahi wa barakatuh

      We Pray duhr at 1:30PM at Masjid and the lesson will be after Duhr.
      for more information, please contact admin at

      Baraka llaho fikom.

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