Ramadhan Mubarak from Croydon ICT

According to the High Judiciary Council in Saudi Arabia, the first fast of Ramadhan will be Wednesday 10th July 2013 InshaAllah. May Allah bless you all with good in your siyaam,  ibaadah and qiraa’a, ameen! see more here: http://www.fatwa-online.com/news/0130708_30.htm

We are therefore pleased to announce the beginning of Ramadan 1434AH: Ramadan Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters around the world!

Croydon ICT will be commencing Salaat At Tarawih prayers from:
Tuesday 9th July 2013 straight after Salaat Al Isha which is at 10.54pm

You can download the full Ramadhan 2013 Timetable here >>

We welcome brothers and sisters to join us InshaAllah. Brothers will have the 2nd floor and the front part of the 1st floor (brothers please only use the FRONT entrance to access the Masjid), sisters will have the rear half of the 1st floor as usual (sisters entrance at the rear of the building). Wudu area and toilets for men are on the 2nd floor ONLY, and the 1st floor wudu area and toilets are for sisters ONLY. Croydon ICT will remain open as usual during Ramadhan for all to benefit from.

Please avoid driving to the Masjid wherever possible, share a lift if you can, and if you do drive to us PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE ENTRANCE TO THE CHURCH BEHIND THE MASJID OR BLOCK UP OUR CAR PARK – we need to show consideration to our neighbours and fellow Muslims to avoid any issues. JazakAllahukhairun.

May you all receive the ajar (reward) for the good opportunities that this blessed month brings for us all, Ameen.

Croydon ICT Management