Ramadhan Classes


Saturdays 14.00 – ‘Know your Prophet (sallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wasallam)’ – an introduction to key aspects of our Prophet’s life and mission. [Brothers & Sisters]

Saturdays 16.00 – ‘Improve your Reading’ – a chance to learn practical rules of tajweed in order to improve your reading of the Qur’ān, along with the chance to memorise surah al-Mulk. This class is ideal for those who have learned how to read but are aiming to improve their fluency and accuracy. [Brothers only]

Sunday 14.00 – ‘Explanation of selected lines from al-Jazariyyah’ – an introduction to a variety of common mistakes listed in the poem al-Jazariyyah and how can we avoid them whilst reading the Qur’ān. The aim of this class is to benefit those who may or may not have studied tajweed before. [Brothers & Sisters]

Open Qur’ān Classes [MEN]

Everyday 19.00 and Sundays 15.00 – ‘Open Qur’ān Class’ – come and read the Qur’ān to one of our teachers.

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