Qaidah and Quran Teachers’ Vacancies

We’re seeking experienced brothers and sisters
to teach Qaidah, Qur’an and Islamic studies.

Weekend and Weekday positions
available. Competitive remuneration on offer.

Please send your CV to

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  1. Zena Kassow


    I have applied for the position of administrator in your respective organisation. I have sent an email to the given email on this website. Jazakallah khayr.

    1. Tigo

      Wa alaikoum salam wa rahamtu llahi wa barakatuh.

      Thanks for your interest in the Madrasah Administration position we advertised.
      Unfortunately, that role has now been fulfilled. But we’re going to keep your CV for other opportunities we will be having at CICT in the near future.

      jazakomo llaho khairan.

  2. taleb

    should this say Aqidah rather than Qaidah

    1. Admin

      Salamo alaikoum wa rahmatu llahi wa barakatuh.

      Jazakomo llaho khairan for the comment. At the Madrasah, we teach Al-Qaidah An-Noraniyah.

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