Preserve Your Tongue & Limbs From Evil | Khutbah 13/01/2017 (14 Rabi Al-Akhir- 1438)

Delivered by Ustadh Umar Al-Jamaykee at CICT

In this khutbah the ustadh discusses the following:

  • Being careful of what you say about others
  • Speak of what benefits and abstain from evil speech
  • Its Sufficient for a person to be a liar for repeating everything that one hears
  • Who are the successful
  • Complacency in actions
  • Observing the Rights of others
  • Punishment in the grave of spreading rumuors and causing disunity in the ummah
  • Supporting one another in opression
  • Be busy in what concerns you

Listen, Benefit & Spread The Knowledge inshaAllah