New E-Book : Contemplation’s regarding “Al-Mawlid An-Nabawi”

New E-Book : Contemplations regarding “Al-Mawlid An-Nabawi”

By Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Al-Utaybee


Contemplation 1 – The Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) was concerned for us.

Contemplation 2 – There is no goodness except the Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) guided us to it.

Contemplation 3 – The perfection and completion of the Sharee’ah

Contemplation 4 – No person has a right to ascribe a new action to Islaam

Contemplation 5 – Upon you is knowledge, and be aware of innovations.

Contemplation 6 – When was the Mawlid first introduced?

Contemplation 7 – There is no reward for them

Contemplation 8 – An example of evil and Shirk which occurs during the Mawlid

Contemplation 9 – We are pleased with what the Prophet was pleased for us.

Contemplation 10 – Love of the Messenger of Allaah is not demonstrated through innovations and evil

Contemplation 11 – Abide by the Sunnah, and do not be deceived by large numbers.

Contemplation 12 – It is but the  tribulations of the end of time.

Contemplation 13 – If you want to succeed then go back to thee original affair.

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