Important Announcement – New carpet being laid

Alhamdulilah the carpet is now being laid on the 2nd floor of the masjid. Insha Allah this aims to be finished by this Friday (13th July 2012) which allows us to open up the floor for Jumah Prayer. This is great news for the Masjid and our community, as well as more space for the congregation, the women’s area will be open again for the first time in over 2 years. Please spread the word and continue to contribute to the developments and improvements.

The next project Insha Allah is to build new wudu facilities on the second floor. If you want to donate please contact or call 02087600552. Click here to visit our donation page.

Here are some images of the carpet installation.

CICT - New carpet being laidCICT - New carpet being laidCICT - New carpet being laidCICT - New carpet being laid

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