Masjid Expansion Update

CICT is pleased to announce on Monday 23rd June we received keys for the second floor and are currently in the process of extending
the Masjid.

The first plan of action was to knock down the walls of old offices to create an open plan space. Insha Allah soon we will reach the decorating stage before laying new carpet.

It is an exciting time for CICT and the community. This new floor will allow us to have an increased capacity for Jumah Prayers that will also include women. It also enables us to increase the women’s area and space for children’s weekend School.

The estimated completion date for the new floor is Friday 13th July Insha Allah.

If anybody would like to donate a few hours of their time to help with building work it would be greatly appreciated and Insha Allah your reward will be great.

If you would like to donate to help with the funding of our expansion project then please click here for further details.

Here are some images taken on Saturday 30th June 2012

Building work started

Building work started

Building work started

Building work started

Building work started

Building work started

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    MashaAllaah brothers, this a masjid that is always doing stuff for the community.

    My family is so excited that they can attend the immensely beneficial Jummuah Khutbah. May Allaah grant this masjid success. Ameen

  2. eesa mckenzie

    Maa shaa Allah, may Allah bless us and increase our ummah with pious muslimoon. ameen

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