Little Hands – Babies, Toddlers and Mothers Group – NOW OPEN!

Little Hands – Babies, Toddlers and Mothers Group – NOW OPEN at Croydon ICT
Croydon ICT is pleased to announce the launch of “Little Hands – Babies, Toddlers and Mothers Group” starting Monday 11th February 2013, from 10.15am to 12.15pm, InshaAllah.

We are working in association with sisters within our community to provide this service, as we continue to listen to and meet the demands of our community, Alhamdulillah.

Little Hands will run sessions initially every Monday and Wednesday between 10.15am and 12.15pm. This is a pay to attend group, though it is very affordable – £1.50 per child plus 50 pence per mum (per session), and all proceeds will go towards the daily running of the Masjid, whilst the group is being administered externally. The play group will be managed by a qualified nursery and childcare manager, as well as a qualified first aider, all of whom are of course CRB checked.

Benefits of joining Little Hands:

  • Children can enjoy interaction with other Muslim children in a safe and friendly environment
  • Activities include reading and listening to Surahs, Duas, Arabic and English alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and lots more
  • Sisters will meet other Muslim parents and also enjoy a cup of tea/coffee.
  • Parents will be given advice and tips on early years foundation curriculum and parenting tips by qualified and experienced management and nursery nurses
  • 100% proceeds go towards running and buying of our Masjid

Mothers will need to accompany their children throughout the duration of the session, and you must register to attend – please come to the group for registration.

For further information, please call or email Umm Juwayriya:
07985 148 207  //
Little Hands – Babies, Toddlers and Mothers Group – NOW OPEN at Croydon ICT

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  1. eesa mckenzie

    Maa shaa Allah, ver good idea. May Allah grant you success. ameen

  2. umluqman

    MaashaAllah..beutiful efforts from sisters in imaan,keep it up
    hope its the best stay and play ever..Be blessed .very nice and big ideas .

  3. fatima

    Its a need of our religious mums and our children.I am so happy about this.

  4. Sadiali

    mashallah mashallah great effort. I hope and pray that it turns out to be a great success and stays here in the long run.It’s the need of the hour for every one.

  5. oum redha

    salam alikoum, i like the idea its something our community is missing. i am a qualified nursery nursr myself and been working very closely with management so if you need any help i will be free to help every monday and tuesday as i dont work on this 2 days. jazakoum allah kheir

  6. umm nusaybah

    Mashallah this is a wonderful idea and will be of great benefit to mothers and their children. I was hoping inshallah that something similar could be organised for mothers with older children on a weekend. It would really help children especially in an islamic environment and for mothers to make new friends, Inshallah.

  7. OmAyub

    ASalam Alaykum
    a friend of mine living in south Croydon
    she would like to know if the
    Little Hands – Babies, Toddlers and Mothers
    still available Please let me know
    l look forward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards

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