In reaction to any Muslim who dies

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1. In reaction to any Muslim who dies – we ask Allah to reward him for his good that he did and forgive his sins.

If the person called to innovation and sinning during his life, we clarify such innovations so people so do not follow him and increase his punishment.


2. We do not affirm Paradise nor Fire for any specific Muslim neither do we label a specific person Shaheed without evidence.

But we hope Jannah for all Muslims, and we ask Allah to forgive their sins. We believe every person who died upon Tawheed will eventually enter Jannah

3. “Do not insult the dead, because they have attained the fruits of their deeds.” [Bukhari]

This Hadeeth applies to every Muslim, as long as they did not call to innovations & sinning which people may follow, such matters are clarified and refuted – without personal insults.

4. In the context of refuting a person’s innovations – even a deceased person – the scholars dislike public statements of mercy and supplication for him, in case people misunderstand this for praise. However, Dua in private or asking Allah to pardon his deficiencies remains.

5. Every Muslim is loved due to their base level of Islam and Imaan.

After that, our love of a righteous Muslim of the Sunnah increases due to the good they had, and our hatred of a sinful/innovating Muslim increases due to their innovations & disobedience to Allah.

6. The methodology of the Salaf with regards to Muslim rulers is to obey their authority in goodness, make Dua for them, mention their good, to not rebel or incite people against them, and advise them privately.

This remains as long as the Muslim ruler does not reach clear Kufr.

7. May Allah cure our ill, and all the ill Muslims; May Allah forgive our deceased, and forgive all deceased Muslims. He is Al-Ghafoor Ar-Raheem.


Written by Abul Abbaas Naveed Ayaaz
Monday, 17th June 2019

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