Improvements to Weekend Quran Madrassah

Learning the Quran is one the most important things a Muslim can do. We have an obligation to ensure our children are taught the Quran well. Allaah’s Messenger has told us that the best of us are those who learn the Quran and teach it.

In a continuous effort to improve the provision we provide to the 150 or so children that attend our Quran Madrassah we have employed the services of an Educational Consultant who has carried out a full audit and inspection of our Madrassah. He has made several recommendations which we have the full intention to follow up.

Part of the Madrassah improvement plan will be a new Quran curriculum, a better assessment strategy, greater parental participation and voice, teacher training and continuous quality assessment.

We hope most of the above will be in place before the Ramadan break inshaAllaah. Please contact Imam Abdul Wahid or brother Hadi Mahmoud the Quran School Administrator and Operations Manager for further information on what we are doing or how to enrol your child into the Madrassah during this exciting phase of its development.