Help To Push The Dawah

Dawah-Campaign a3

Assalamu alaikum brothers & Sisters,

First and foremost, Jazakamullahu Khayran to all of our generous brothers and sisters who have and are helping with the dawah at CICT.

We ask you to help us in raising awareness of true Islam, spread the sunnah and provide more social events and services for the community far and wide inshaAllah.

“And spend (in charity) of that with which We have provided you before death comes to one of you and he says: “My Lord if only you would give me respite for a little while, then I should give Sadaqah of my wealth, and be among the righteous” (63:10)

Click on the above image or the link below to donate inshaAllah,

If you are a UK tax payer please select giftaid it to make your donations go that little bit further inshaAllah.

Baarak Allahu feekum


Croydon ICT

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