GM Climbing Mount Snowdon for SOM Appeal


Alhamdulillah our General Manager, Tariq Rasul has taken on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon InshaAllah, second highest mountain in the UK; no small feat!

The purpose of pursing this challenge is to raise funds for the Save Our Masjid (SOM) appeal for Croydon Islamic Community Trust. We desperately need the remaining £280K in order to buy our Masjid before Feb 2014, or face closing down! Read more about our cause and appeal here >>

The challenge will begin on 25 Dec 2013 and end on 28 Dec 2013. Please help and support Tariq by donating generously, and all funds raised will go to the Save Our Masjid appeal. Please remember to tick “Gift Aid” if you are a UK taxpayer to add 25% to your donation at no extra cost. DONATE NOW >>

We ask Allah to give Tariq success in his challenge, to reward him abundantly for his efforts and to aid us in establishing this house for His worship, ameen.

JazakAllahukhairun, Croydon ICT Management.