Glad Tidings To The Strangers | Shaykh Dr. Asim bin Abdullah al-Qaryuti


Assalamu alaikum brothers & Sisters,

We are pleased to announce that we will be having Shaykh Dr. Asim bin Abdullah al-Qaryuti with us on Monday 8th January 2018 from 19:00 after Isha inshaAllah.

The Shaykh was born in 1954. He comes from a Jordanian background. He has studied extensively and has specialised in ahadith. He had a strong personal relationship with Shaykh Muhammad al-Albani and also spent time studying with him. The Shaykh also travelled to Pakistan and studied with Ahl al-Hadith there, including the likes of Shaykh Badi ad-Deen ar-Rashidi. He gained his doctorate in 1983 and now teaches at Imam Muhammad University in Riyadh.

Attend, Benefit & Spread the Knowledge in sha Allah

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