Friday Sermon – Sincerity

Ikhlaas means Sincerity

The believer is the one who does deeds devoted to Allah in his deeds, not for the sake of other people, or for the sake of himself, because if he did it for one of these other reasons he will be seeking self satisfaction and pride

Therefore Muslims should aim to keep private as much as possible as much of their good deeds they can, and only show them and let others know of them if there is some general benefit in making it public, like others following him in being charitable and giving to the needy

Allah says:

If you disclose your charitable expenditures, they are good; but if you conceal them and give them to the poor, it is better for you, and He will remove from you some of your misdeeds [thereby]. And Allah , with what you do, is [fully] Acquainted. albaqarah:271


Whoever departs from this world upon ikhlaas to allah who is alone without partners, establishing the prayer, giving the zakat, then he has departed from it and Allah is pleased with him

Some of the salaf said:

A person remains upon good so long as he knows what things ruin his good deeds


Riyaa means doing acts of worship so other people see or hear about it and praise the person.

The worshipper of Allah needs to know that Riyaa ruins good deeds. It is a great danger as it is not easy to spot or notice, which is why the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, described it in the hadith as being hidden.

The worshipper of Allah stays far from doing deeds seeking self satisfaction and praise from people for his achievements. Instead he contemplates standing before the judge of judges on the day of judgement when

The Day when secrets will be put on trial, 

Then man will have no power or any helper. At-Tariq: 9-10


Worshipper of Allah, know that Allah is not disobeyed by a sin greater than Shirk. Shirk seeks to diminish the status of Allah’s Lordship, by making the creation which is weak and in need, a partner with the Creator who is All Mighty, free of need and glorified

Shirk is two types : Major and Minor

Major shirk makes a person a disbeliever

That person is prohibited from paradise. This shirk is that the worshipper does an act of worship, a deed of devotion, for other or to other than Allah

Example: making duaa to somebody else, or asking him to give you a child, or making a sacrifice to a grave or a jinn to seek protection from other jinn and the like.

These are some examples of shirk that makes a person an disbeliever, even if that person prays, fasts ramadan and goes on hajj

Allah says:

Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin. an-Nisaa:48

Minor shirk

Everything that leads to major shirk, or every action that is described as shirk, but isn’t major shirk.

Here are some examples:

Riyaa: do an act of worship, so that others see him doing it and praise him for it.

So woe to those who pray

[But] who are heedless of their prayer –

Those who make show [of their deeds]

And withhold [simple] assistance. al-Ma’oon: 4-8

The people that do actions to be seen and praised are the first to be punished on the day of Judgement.  So fear Allah and safeguard your good deeds from Riyaa, because it is like a thief in the night, stealing your good deeds without you noticing it.

Wearing tamaa’im and necklaces, strings etc to protect from the evil and harm of jealousy and evil eye, illness.

this could be major shirk if the person believes the object itself protects from harm and brings good. It is minor shirk when he believes that it benefits in removing harm by Allah’s permission

The prophet saw a man with a braclet of copper on his hand, and asked him what it was? the man said i wear it so i do not be effected with weakness or to protect from harm, so the prophet commanded him to take it off, because it only increases him in weakness. then he said a important admonishing

if you died with it on, you would never have been succesful

Hutahyfa ibn yamaan saw a man with a string around his wrist so he got up and cut it off, then recited the verse

And most of them believe not in Allah except while they associate others with Him. Surah Yusuf: 106

Swearing an oath by others is shirk

It is saying I swear by the life of such a person, or by the honour of such a person

The Prophet said:

Whoever wants to take an oath, then let him take an oath by Allah or remain silent

Fear Allah and be sincere worshippers of Allah, who struggle against self-satisfaction and self praise and seek sincerity of deeds for Allah alone, Ikhlaas is important.

Allah says:

And it was already revealed to you and to those before you that if you should associate [anything] with Allah , your work would surely become worthless, and you would surely be among the losers.” Az-Zumar: 65