Fitnah Of Our Times | Shaykh Anees Al-Musabi (UAE)


Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters,

we are pleased to announce that we will be having Shaykh Anees Al-Musabi with us this weekend inshaAllah.

He will begin by delivering the Jumu’ah khutbah followed by a series of lectures entitled:

  • Causes of Extremism
  • Ruling on Khuruj (Rebellion)
  • Traits of the Khawarij
  • Modern Day Khawarij (ISIS)

We stress the importance of attending as these are serious issues that the Ummah is currently facing.

See the poster above for more information or contact admin on 0208 760 0552.

Attend, Benefit & Spread the Knowledge inshaAllah.

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