AsalaamuAlaikum wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters,

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As most of you will be aware, we have passed our initial deadline for purchasing the Masjid. This was due to a delay by the existing landlords and Alhamdulillah, this worked in our favour as it provided us with more time in which to secure the funds we require to purchase the Masjid. If you would like to find out more about why we are purchasing the Masjid, our existing services and future plans, CLICK HERE >>

However, our solicitors have advised us that we must transfer all of the funds by MONDAY 9th JUNE 2014 in order to benefit from the agreed price of £1.35 million – this leaves us with just a few days in which to raise the remaining funds required.

It is with regret that we must inform you that a high number of pledges and promised loans have not materialised for a wide variety of reasons and from many different individuals, and so unfortunately we now have no option but to conclude that these remaining pledged funds will not materialise before our new deadline.

Therefore, we have a revised total: £45,000 that we must raise in the next few days as we must hand over funds in just a few days in order to complete on the offer price of £1.35 million. If we fail to do this, we will no longer have the offer, and we will certainly have a much high price to pay if we miss this deadline; it will be closer to £2 million or more.

How can we achieve this? Firstly, the most powerful tool that we have been blessed with is the ability to make dua, and we ask everyone to implore Allah Azza wa Jal to assist us in establishing this house for His Praise, Glorification and Worship, ameen.

Secondly (and crucially), your generosity and effort is an absolute must – if just 45 members of our community commit to raising £1,000 each, our target will be reached easily InshaAllah. As an example, a brother who is only in the UK on a student visa took it upon himself to raise funds from friends and family, and MashaAllah he raised £740 in no time at all! And in the sisters section, we have dedicated sisters who have run various activities, including Bring & Buy Sales, which have raised £100’s, Alhamdulillah! It’s important to take examples from the efforts that our brothers and sisters make, it inspires and motivates us, and InshaAllah will lead us to being more active. JazakAllahukhairun for all of your generosity so far, but please do as much as you can now to help us reach our final target.

Thirdly, Qardh Hasanah loans. This is our least preferable form of assistance, as of course it means that we will have debts to repay to individuals after we have purchased the building, which means our fundraising will have to continue. We currently have over £184,000 in loans from various individuals, which is a substantial amount of the funds raised and the majority of this must be repaid within 1 year – more details of loans and repayments dates will be posted in the Masjid notice board (without the names of the individuals who have loaned the funds of course).

If anyone has any queries, fundraising initiatives or would like to make a Qardh Hasanah loan, please contact us on

JazakAllahukhairun, Croydon ICT Management.

The above was announced after Jummuah Salaat on Friday 28 March 2014 at Croydon ICT by the management to the congregation in attendance, as well as updates every subsequent Jummuah.