Eskrima: course in Muslim art of self defence

Martial Arts introduction course in the original Muslim art of self defence and offence: Eskrima.

InshaAllah you will learn the following techniques and skills:

  • the use of sticks representing swords
  • sword and shield type fighting
  • knife defence and offence
  • the use of the pen for defence and offence
  • empty hand techniques
  • multi-style attacks including locks and throws


  • tshirt and track suit bottoms
  • two biro pens
  • good intentions, good manners and a willingness to learn

Classes begin Tuesday 29th August 2012 from 7pm till 9pm at Croydon ICT, InshaAllah.

Entry Fee

Free if you are taking lessons at Croydon ICT, £10 a lesson if you are not. Please contact the Administration office for more details.


About Eskrima

Eskrima is a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, blades and improvised weapons. Although training traditionally starts with weapons, empty hand techniques, trapping and limb destruction are also a core part of the art as the weapon is merely an extension of the body.

The teaching of the basic skills in Eskrima are traditionally simplified. With limited time to teach intricate moves, only techniques that were proven effective in battle and could easily be taught en masse were used. This allowed villagers, generally not professional soldiers, a measure of protection against other villages, as well as foreign invaders. This philosophy of simplicity is still used today and is the underlying base of Eskrima. Because of this approach, Eskrima and the Filipino martial arts in general are often mistakenly considered to be “simple”. However, this refers only to its systematization, not effectiveness. To the contrary, beyond the basic skills lies a very complex structure and a refined skillset that takes years to master.