Our Project

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CICT currently lease the first and second floor of a building in the centre of Croydon. We currently have a total capacity of approximately 800 at prayer times, including brothers and sisters.

CICT has been given the opportunity to purchase the whole building and the car park for a very competitive price of £1.35 million.

Once purchased, we intend to embark on a thoroughly planned expansion project. Architects have already been employed to design a new purpose built Masjid which will include a capacity of 1,000 prayer spaces for brothers and a separate sisters’ section on another floor for over 300 women and children to attend the Masjid.

As part of our commitment to providing services for the community, we will also have the ability to increase our current provisions to include a floor dedicated to an Islamic Community School, full funeral services for Muslims, far improved ablution facilities, a full library accessible to the entire community, a residence for the Imam, crèche and child care facilities. We will also be far better resourced to expand on our services to the local Council and other community service providers, to encourage community cohesion and to be a hub for dawah.

The new designs allow CICT to be totally self-sustainable and as such have a secure financial future to allow us to continue and increase our services to the community. Ten apartments will be built on the extended 3rd and 4th floors, which will generate an income of approximately £108,000 a year. The Masjid already has a substantial waiting list for these apartments from the local community.

A shop at the front will also generate approximately £50,000 a year in rent, and an electronic advertising sign board on the side of the building will raise £14,000 annually; this income will begin to generate as soon as we have purchased the building, before any expansion, InshaAllâh. CICT intends to employ an extra Imam and members of the community in various capacities with part of this extra income. Income from the expansion will be used to finance overhead expenses, loan repayments, salaries and future facilities and services.


  • Capacity: over 1,000 male worshipers plus a dedicated floor for 300 women and children
  • Total Financial Self-Sustainability: generating a consistent rental income of £172,000 (as soon as building is purchased we will generate £50,000 from ground floor shop rental and £14,000 from electronic advertising sign board rental, followed by £108,000 from flat rental when expansion is completed), plus a further £30,000 from expanded Masjid Book Shop
  • New Islamic Community School
  • We will be able to facilitate parking for attendees which is currently sorely lacking
  • Residence for Imam
  • Full Library accessible to the entire community
  • Crèche facilities
  • New and improved ablution facilities
  • Full funeral services
  • Expansion of The Holy Qur’an School
  • College and school tuition
  • And many more facilities


Phase 1 Purchase Property
Cost £1.35 million
  • immediately increase capacity from 800 to 1,000 worshippers
  • £50,000 annual income from shop on ground floor
  • £14,000 annual income from electronic advertising sign board
  • increase in collections revenues at Jummu’ah, Ramadhan, Eid etc
  • Additional space will allow for a dedicated sisters section
  • vital additional classroom space for Qur’an school
Phase 2 Construction Development,
Fittings and
Interior Development
Cost £1.2 million
  • 3 additional floors and large extension, increasing capacity from 1,000 to 1,300 worshippers
  • £108,000 annual income from 10 flats developed expansion
  • Additional purpose built facilities such as:
    • New Islamic Community School
    • New and improved ablution facilities
    • Full funeral services
    • Parking spaces for Masjid attendees
    • Residence for Imam
    • Full library accessible to the entire community
    • Crèche facilities
    • Expansion of Holy Qur’an school
    • College and school tuition facilities
    • The expansion work is planned to be delivered in stages to ensure minimal disruption to current Masjid services