Dawah Gazebo in Croydon Shopping Centre

Croydon ICT Dawah Programme - Gazebo ThumbnailOur ‘Dawah in the Community‘ programme aims to build bridges by inviting non-Muslims to Islam and demystifying misconceptions in the Croydon area every Saturday.


We recently expanded our Dawah programme in the heart of the Croydon Shopping district to actively challenge growing Qadiyani propagation in Croydon and to reinforce our commitment to correct Islamic instruction to our local community. Alhamdulillah, the Croydon ICT Gazebo has been well received by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, see some pictures below.

Since opening, CICT has successfully accepted over 350 new Muslims into the fold of Islam, providing them with new Muslim packs and one-to-one support, teaching them how to pray, the pillars of faith and all of the fundamental aspects of the religion of peace.

Please support us to continue our Dawah programmes with your generous donations, by volunteering and your duas, JazakAllahukhairun.