At Croydon ICT, we offer a variety of Islamic and Arabic study courses and we are always looking at ways to enlighten our community with educational programmes that meet their specific learning needs, beyond that which many other Masaajid currently offer.

Having listened to the needs of our community, we are pleased to announce the introduction of English courses for non-English Speakers.

We aim to provide two lessons per week to our community (brothers only to begin with), enabling our community to improve their prospects whilst living in the UK, as well as helping them to gain a better understanding of the weekly Khutbah and other lessons delivered at Croydon ICT, InshaAllah.

Commencing Wednesday 5 September 2012, the courses will be delivered on Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7pm till 8.30pm InshaAllah.

Our teachers are CELTA qualified, and by joining this course you will undoubtedly add strength to your CV whilst gaining added confidence in your communication.

The teaching syllabus will be developed on a case by case basis, so no matter what level of English you currently possess, our teachers will create a learning programme suited to your specific needs.

The fee is only £30 per month, and all funds raised will go towards the Masjid – helping us to cover our rising rent costs!

So whilst you’ll be learning a new skill, you will also be contributing to the establishment of The House of Allah!

Please contact or 02087600552 for more details and to register.