Croydon ICT Learn Centre offers a variety of Islamic and Arabic study courses and we are always looking at ways to enlighten our community with educational programmes that meet their specific learning needs, beyond that which many other Masaajid or communities currently offer.

Our mission is to be a source for personal improvement, spirituality, and academic success, and the sharp rise in demand for our courses demonstrates our commitment to this mission.

We recently launched an English for non-English Speakers course, in response to growing demand from our community, Alhamdulillah.

Islamic Courses
The main activity of the Islamic Learn Centre is to share knowledge from The Holy Qur’an and Sunnah using classical Islamic texts. Our Islamic Courses are for Brothers and Sisters and are all FREE to attend.
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Arabic Courses
We deliver a variety of Arabic courses from complete beginners to advanced, during the evening and on the weekends, for brothers and sisters in a totally segregated environment. The courses are very affordable and our Arabic Language Courses are the most popular.
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Croydon ICT Bookshop
The Croydon ICT bookshop only stocks authentic books for all age groups, relating to Islamic knowledge and Arabic skills. Our books are sold to the community at discounted prices to allow them to have access to correct Islamic information on a variety of topics at accessible prices – all books required to participate in our Learn Centre courses can be found and purchased at the Croydon ICT bookshop.