Correct Ramadan timings for starting and breaking the Fast

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

The following is a sincere advice which we hope will put your hearts to rest when following our Ramadan Timetable.

We at CICT have been watching the ferocious campaign made by various Masajid in the South East London area over the past three years. This campaign has reached unprecedented heights this year leading up to Ramadan.  Despite recognising the clear errors that these Masajid have been making and their false claims pertaining to fasting times and the days of Eid we have intentionally chosen to remain quiet due to wanting unity for the muslims and minimising disunity.

However, the campaign of these Masajid has now reached a point where they are terrorising everyday normal Muslims to believe that if they do not conform to these Masajid’s prescribed timetables, their fasting will be invalid. This is a serious allegation, which has no basis in the Quran or Sunnah and as such needs to be challenged.

This campaign from these Masajid is nothing but a power struggle in order to gain dominance over the other Islamic Bodies and to bring disunity amongst Muslims of this country in order to fulfil their desires for leadership and to remove the Muslims from the consensus that was agreed upon by the Hizbul-Ulema some years ago.

It should be noted all the biggest and main Masajid in London are using the same timetable for example; Regents Park, East London Mosque and Al-Manaar in Ladbroke Grove to name only a few.

The calculation methods used by the Masajid running the campaign are contrary  to the Sunnah as is explained in the article below.

Finally, we encourage the everyday Muslim not to be deceived by the mind boggling scientific claims of those propagating this illegitimate campaign, even if they come under the guise of those who claim to be upholders of the Sunnah.

For your reference we have attached a simple article authored by brothers from Call to Islam who have explained this issue in a clear, simple and concise manner.