Young Companions at Croydon ICT
Young Companions – YC Boys and YC Girls

Aims and Objectives

  • Providing activities, support and guidance to the youth in our community
  • Encouraging cohesion, respect and support by our members for the wider community
  • Educating young Muslims about the characteristics of a Muslim and a Muslimah
  • Encourage young men to form brotherhood and young women to form sisterhood
  • Removing the sense of alienation through cultural outings

Young Companions was formed to address the key issues that affect the youth within our community. YC established that the main problems affecting our youth are lack of employment, lack of educational opportunities, no place for activities and a fear of gun and gang crime, as well as a rise in youth crime in the Croydon community, especially amongst young black males.

Therefore, CICT has developed a diversionary and intervention strategy to engage this specific group, a large proportion of which have now embraced Islam. Our strategy of improving educational attainment, support for the most vulnerable young people and increasing out of hours activities is already reducing youth crime in our community.

YC has also been recognised by local councils for its work preserving the environment, and featured in the Surrey Council’s Environmental Magazine after their tremendous work in cleaning out a pond in the Surrey Downs area to promote wildlife and to make the area more beautiful for visitors.

Young Companions Boys provides exciting outdoor activities, including day trips to farms, parks, museums and nature reserves for the younger children, as well as sporting tournaments, competitions, a variety of events and key skills development for the older youth. Young Companions Football Club – YCFC, has been an incredible achievement, working towards our goals of cohesion.

We also deliver workshops throughout the year to address the main issues encountered by Muslim youth, through a consultation and analysis methodology. See Young Companions Weekly Circle for more details.

Young Companions Girls was established to meet the growing demand from our Muslim community to educate young Muslim women about the characteristics of an ideal Muslimah, to encourage young sisters to form sisterhood and to educate them on the importance and true understanding of the Hijab, all of which are central to young women whilst distinct from young men. This project has been incredibly successful in eliminating alienation through popular outings, sports days and picnics, encouraging team work, networking and Islamic company, with the aim of encouraging young women to develop a variety of skills that will aid their success in future endeavours.

YC Girls also encourages question and answer sessions with group leaders for those excited to learn and recap their knowledge of Islam.