Working in partnership with Croydon Council, Croydon College and the Local Community

The CICT core team have worked with Croydon Council’s Youth Offending Team (YOT) for over 2 years and have been involved in various activities aimed at helping Muslim youth who have found themselves in the Youth Justice System. Our consultation team are active in visiting Muslims in Young Offender Institutions and ensuring they are fully supported throughout their detention, including having their Islamic needs catered for.

We have also advised a variety of council departments in this role on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims, providing support and consultation wherever necessary. For example, we consult the Unaccompanied Minors Team, advising them regarding adequate support for Afghani refugees. The CICT team are also dedicated to helping Muslim families whose children are on the Vulnerable Children’s Register.

CICT team members also regularly visit schools within Croydon to train teachers and senior management on Islamic awareness. We provide drop in services for teachers to discuss issues relating to Muslim students and parents, as well as leading Friday Prayers, mentoring Muslim students at risk of permanent exclusions, aiding schools to develop strategies to promote community cohesion amongst refugee communities new to the UK, and we deliver Islamic lessons to school pupils.

At Croydon College, we provide consultative services on issues pertaining to Muslim Students needs which include CICT members delivering the Friday Prayer Service at the college every week.