CICT Seminars are held every month and cover subjects that are relevant to both Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK. Motivational speakers are invited from across the UK and internationally to deliver presentations on relevant topics, sharing an Islamic perspective to engage with current affairs in the light of The Holy Qur’an and Sunnah.

We frequently deliver seminars and partake in exhibitions for the public, which are frequently attended by local MPs and Councillors, for example the Two Paths Exhibition and Guns & Gangs Seminar.

Dawah in the Community aims to build bridges by inviting non-Muslims to Islam and demystifying misconceptions in the Croydon area every Saturday. Since opening, CICT has successfully accepted over 350 new Muslims into the fold of Islam, providing them with new Muslim packs and one-to-one support, teaching them how to pray, the pillars of faith and all of the fundamental aspects of the religion of peace.

Regular workshops aim to address current problems and issues prevalent in the community, covering family concerns, youth disorder, extremism and misconceptions.