CICT Services are continually developed with a focus on transforming lives, building excellence, encouraging success for all in this world and the next, promoting the correct Islamic teachings, spreading peace and cooperation, and meeting the needs of the local community.

To this end, unlike many other Masjids and community organisations, CICT remains open all day, offering the five daily congregational prayers, including the Friday Prayers and the two Eid prayers, and providing those services that our community demands, with a commitment to developing our existing provision.

Keeping our community at the heart of everything we do at CICT, we are actively engaged in advising Croydon Council and other local community service providers on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims. We also provide marriage services, counselling and advice, mentoring, career guidance, personal advice, conflict resolution, youth services, women’s’ services and many other community based support services.

CICT’s youth initiative, Young Companions, has been successful in meeting the needs of young people and their parents in the community, and we aim to develop this initiative to encourage a greater mix of Muslim and non-Muslim youth to integrate and to develop a better understanding of one another.


  • Arabic Institute and Holy Qur’an School
  • Islamic Study Centre
  • Quiet Study Area
  • Marriage Services
  • Advice Centre
  • Consultation services to Croydon Council
  • Work with Croydon Council’s Youth Offending Team
  • Training local school teachers and senior management on Islamic awareness
  • Leading Friday prayers at local schools and Croydon College
  • Promoting Community Cohesion
  • Supporting young Muslims in Young Offender Institutions
  • Supporting families with vulnerable children
  • Supporting young Muslims in Criminal Justice System
  • Seminars, Workshops and Community Dawah
  • Young Companions Boys and Girls
  • CICT Bookshop