Increase Your Rewards | Lesson 2 – Increasing The Reward Of Purity | 13/11/2016 (13 Rabi Al-Awwal 1438)

Delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Maalki at CICT In this lesson the Shaykh explains the following: Constantly having wudhu How to do istinja Ghusl What causes one to be in a state of janaaba Previous Lesson | Next Lesson

Eid Al Adha 1437/2016

Eid Al Adha 1437! Taqaballa Allahu mina wa minkum Al-’Amal As-Saliha (may Allah accept from you and us the good deeds) Brothers and Sisters, Alhamdulillah, Eid Al Adha 2016 will be on Monday 12th September 2016 InshaAllah. We welcome all of … Continue reading

Al Ihsaan

Al-Ihsaan is the opposite of behaving badly, and it means that a person strives to do what is good and to repel harmful things. So he strives to benefit the servants of Allaah through his wealth, position, knowledge and his … Continue reading