Being Hopeful Of The Mercy Of Allah & Fearing The Punishment Of Allah | Khutbah 24/03/2017 ( – 1438)

Delivered by Ustadh Abdul Qadir at CICT

In this khutbah the ustadh discusses the following:

  • Worship Allah until Certainty (death)
  • The mercy of Allah will always overcome the Anger of Allah
  • Always make dua’a to Allah to make your heart firm on eaman
  • All The Prophets feared the Punishment of Allah & were hopeful of the Mercy of Allah
  • Intersession of Rasul Allah SalaLLAHU alayhi wa salam, ask Allah to be of those included in this
  • Allah loves those who repent
  • Not waiting to the end of ones life to repent
  • Only the losers are those who give up hope in the Mercy of Allah
  • Allah forgives all things except shirk
  • Do not get complacent due to your good deeds
  • Allah will always help those who help others

Listen, Benefit & Spread The Knowledge inshaAllah

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