Upon the advice of various scholars of Islam, CICT has arranged its organisational structure to include a Shurah (advisory committee) and a Core Management Team that runs the day to day affairs of the Masjid. CICT also has trustees who are legally responsible for the Charity.

Shaykh Muhammad Abdullaah Al-Malki – Shurah Member
Shaykh Muhammad is a well known and respected scholar of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who is extremely active in propagating Islam. He is based in the blessed Madinah Al Munawwarah, and has studied with many of the great scholars of our time; including the Imams of the Haram of Makkah, Shaykh Adam Al Ethiopi and Shaykh Wasiullaah Abbas and the Imam of Madinah, Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al Abbad (may Allâh preserve them all). Shaykh Muhammad is a core member of the CICT Shurah and provides religious guidance to the Masjid, and visits CICT regularly.

Shaykh Muhammad is also Imam of Al-Baraa Ibn Malik Mosque, Jeddah and a Member of Jeddah Dawah Centre. Find out more about the Shaykh on his website www.ilmforall.net.

Tariq Rasul –  Chairman / Trustee / Shurah Member
Tariq is a manager at the ELAS English School in Luton. He also teaches inmates at Bedford Prison, as well as helping to rehabilitate ex-offenders when they leave prison. Amongst other achievements, Tariq has gained an MA in TESOL from the University of Bedfordshire.