CICT is located in the busiest part of Croydon, a large socially and culturally diverse town, with access to the centre of London in just 12 minutes by train.

CICT is the closest Masjid to the bustling Croydon Shopping District, a short walk from three large shopping malls that Croydon is well known for, as well as West Croydon and East Croydon National Rail train stations.

Our community is truly diverse, with just under half of Croydon’s population mixed with individuals from ethnic minorities. We find catering to such a diverse range of people both challenging and truly rewarding. By understanding the needs of so many different cultures and practices, CICT is proud to be a firm advocate of real life grass roots community cohesion, and is actively engaged in encouraging a cooperative environment for all through our growing provision of services.

Whilst the 2001 Consensus report indicates that in 2001, there were 17,642 Muslims living in Croydon, we find that this is both an outdated and inaccurate statistic. Our independent research leads us to a considerably higher figure, and we have a duty of care and responsibility towards this growing community.

With such a great concentration of young people in one borough, our youth initiative, Young Companions, is so important to our community, working with our youth to develop future leaders and to eliminate anti-social behaviour. Our Holy Qur’an School also plays a vital role in educating our young people, to ensure they have the correct understanding of Islam.

Community Improvement and Capacity Building
We are committed to building the capacity of individuals in the Croydon community, both Muslims and non-Muslims, and we have been both commended and contracted in this regard by Croydon Council, amongst other national organisations.

Key Facts about the Community in Croydon

  • Recognised as one of four major economic opportunity areas in the Capital
  • Croydon’s financial and business services sector is second only to the City of London
  • One of the UK’s top shopping destinations; 2.5million ft2 of retail space and a £1bn turnover
  • Croydon covers 8662 hectares (87 km2)with 2770 hectares of green belt land and is the largest London borough
  • Croydon has a population of over 340,000 and a working population of 160,000
  • There are an estimated 13,000 businesses in Croydon