CICT strives hard to instil both the beauty of The Holy Qur’an and the supreme teachings of our beloved Messenger of Allâh, Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, by reaching out to the entire community from our Masjid and Centre in Croydon, engaging, propagating, supporting and demonstrating all that the Islamic faith inspires, transforming lives and in doing so, spreading Peace, InshaAllâh.

We began humbly by providing a place for the regular daily prayers in the heart of Croydon, by leasing the first floor of a premises with a total capacity of 300 worshipers. However, due to the need we often squeeze up to 400 people inside, with many others forced to pray outside.

We have since developed various programmes, services and activities to provide our community with social, academic and spiritual development and support. This is embodied by so many new and successful Muslims, attached to CICT, playing vital roles in community cohesion. For example in the London riots during the summer of 2011, where Croydon was badly affected, the young worshippers of our Masjid stood outside the Masjid to preserve the Masjid and local businesses from the disorder that had spread.

Whilst our services and facilities have grown substantially, we are committed to providing a more suitable Masjid and Community Centre for future generations to benefit from. We endeavour to develop services that will provide a Masjid that is truly the centre of the community, as well as a place of prayer.