A new way to support YOUR Masjid

Alhamdulillah, whilst we strive to provide a better equipped Masjid for our community, we are always seeking ways to benefit from your support in order to make this happen. We simply cannot do this alone, and the Ummah of Rasool Allah (SAW) is naturally one in which each individual supports one another.

If you lend Allâh a goodly loan (i.e. spend in Allâh’s Cause) He will double it for you, and will forgive you. And Allâh is Most Ready to appreciate and to reward, Most Forbearing. (Surah At-Taghabun, Chapter 64, Verse 17, The Holy Qur’an)

We recently established a new way of accepting donations online, that has the following benefits:

  • £0.00 administration costs
  • £0.00 commission
  • if you are a UK taxpayer, you can add 25% to your donation, AT NO COST TO YOU! So if you donate £10, we raise £12.50! Just make sure you click I am a UK taxpayer – Please reclaim Gift Aid on my donation when you donate
  • if you want to want to fundraise on behalf of Croydon ICT by holding an event or partaking in a sponsored activity, you can do so by creating a fundraising page, absolutley free, and you can collet funds online for Croydon ICT without any administration necessary – contact marketing@croydonict.com for more details

If you would like to make a generous donation, no matter how small or large, please click on the MyDonate button above, or go to: https://mydonate.bt.com/donation/donate.html?charity=croydonict

No registration required. If you are asked to register at any point, simply click “I’m not registered” to skip registering and to go straight to the donation page, see below:


Uthman bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him, said, I heard the Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, say: “Whoever builds a Masjid, desiring thereby Allâh’s pleasure, Allâh builds for him/her the like of it in Paradise.
(Sahih Al Bukhari, Vol 8, Chapter 65)

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