1300 attendees for Eid Al Fitr at Croydon ICT

Eid Mubarak! TaqabalAllahu Minna wa Minkum!

Another Ramadan escapes us, and as we begin the month of Shawwal we reflect upon a wonderful end to the blessed month!

Salaat Al Eid at Croydon ICT was attended by over 1300 men, women and children, Alhamdulillah, with 400 on each of our two floors, and over 500 men in our open air car park!

With so many new faces joining our community this Ramadan, and having taken an additional floor just before Ramadan began, Alhamdulillah, we were able to comfortably accommodate such a large congregation. The sun was shining, brothers and sisters from near and far joined in prayer together, and we all experienced an incredibly enjoyable Salaat Al Eid!

The Eid prayer was followed by a sisters Eid party in the Masjid, where activities for sisters and young children only took place in the safety and comfort of Croydon ICT Masjid.

You can see images of our congregation on Eid in the open air car park below.

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