What Enters A Person Into Paradise | Khutbah 07/04/2017 (10 Rajab – 1438)

Delivered by Ustadh Abdul Aziz at CICT

In this khutbah the ustadh discusses the following:

  • Why we were created
  • The ultimate aim of a muslim
  • Reward for those who have taqwa
  • Promise from Allah
  • Rivers in Jannah
  • Daily Connection with the Qur’an
  • Ask Allah for Jannat Al-Firdous
  • Times when du’as are accepted
  • What causes one to enter Jannah
  • What extinguishes sins like water extinguishes fire
  • The tongues leads many to Jahannam
  • Purpose of knowledge
  • The ultimate success

Listen, Benefit & Spread The Knowledge inshaAllah

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