What can £52 a year buy you?

In this time of growing recession, where prices seem to be getting higher and higher, but money coming in seems to be getting lower and lower, we are all looking for new innovative ways of making our money go further.
£52 is hardly enough to buy a respectable pair of trainers for those of us who are Dunlop haters! It might be enough to pick up a couple of Play Station games or even go out for the night to a restaurant with the family. However, whatever you spent £52 on the chances are the pleasure will be short lived.

CICT gives you the opportunity to make an investment that may well be the best use of £52 there is! We need £52 from 500 people in order to rent the 2nd floor of the building we are located in. We have already managed to get 140 generous brothers and sisters to donate, so we need just 360 more people.

What will you expect to get back from this amazing investment? Well if you are sincere you should share in the reward of:

  • The sisters at CICT who will be able to return to the masjid to attend the Jummuah Khutbah and Salah. Not to mention the dua’s they will be making for you!
  • An additional 350 people praying Jummuah at the masjid.
  • 1820 Jamaats prayed at the masjid and the people attending. That’s just 2.9p a salah  – yes you read correctly 2.9p a salah!
  • Salatul Taraweeh in the Holy month of Ramadan.
  • 100+ children learning Quran on the 2nd floor…..InshaAllaah!

AND MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE if only you comprehend the bounties of your Lord subhanhu wa tala.

Allaah’s Messenger told us that our wealth does not decrease when you give in charity. The above is a clear proof for this. Giving in charity open the hearts and is a shield from the Hell Fire.

Don’t waste time thinking – Shaitan will attempt to ruin your intention and persuade you to buy those naff trainers or those Play Station games – donate straight away by bank transfer with reference 2nd floor, by cash or cheque payable to CICT.

May Allaah reward you all and give us the ability to open the 2nd floor before the coming Blessed month of Ramadan. Ameen.

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