Requirements of Fasting – Shaykh Abdel Razak – 27 June @ ICT

AsalaamuAlaikum wa Rahmatullah, Alhamdulillah, we have another great opportunity for you to prepare yourself to make the most of Ramadan. Shaykh Abdel Razak Hassan-Adde will be delivering a special dars at Croydon ICT on the topic of “Requirements of Fasting” … Continue reading

Qiyaam Ul Layl starts tonight – prepare yourself!

We are pleased to announce that Qiyaam Ul Layl will commence a short while after Salat At Tarawih tonight at Croydon ICT, from 1.20am till 3.00am, and will continue every night until Ramadhan has ended. Salat At Tarawih will continue … Continue reading