Lessons From The Seerah| Lesson 2 – Madinah Period | 02/01/2017 (4th Rabi Al-Akhir, 1438)

Delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Maalki at CICT In this lesson the Shaykh explains: Seerah is not just stories for enjoyment When He salillahu alayhi wa salam first entered Madinah Examples of Hospitality from the Ansar Ruling on building Masaajid on … Continue reading

The Reality Of Death Is Around The Corner | Khutbah 12/05/2017 (16 Sha’baan – 1438)

Delivered by Ustadh Abdul Wahid Stephenson at CICT In this khutbah the ustadh discusses: Only Allah knows the appointed time of death Umar Radiallahu anhu The destroyer of pleasures The weight of the Shahaadah We will all be questioned about … Continue reading