Be Firm On The Correct Belief | Shaykh Saalih Ibn Abdul Azeez As-Sindhee | 05/01/2016 (06 Rabi Al-Akhir- 1438)

Delivered by Shaykh Saalih Ibn Abdul Azeez As-Sindhee Translated by Ustadh Abdul Wahid Stephenson In this Lesson Shaykh Saalih ibn Abdul Azeez As-Sindhee who is a Professor at Madinah University and an Ustaadh at Masjid Al-Nabawi explains the following: Blessings Of Having … Continue reading

101 Classes – Aqeedah & Fiqh

As the blessed month of Ramadan leaves us, we are back to our schedule of beneficial classes to enrich your Islamic education at Croydon ICT, InshaAllah. Join us every Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm InshaAllah, throughout the month of August … Continue reading