Readings from Rifqan Ahl As-Sunnah – Lesson 3

Readings from Rifqan Ahl As-Sunnah – Lesson 3

The third lesson is a continuation of an introduction, in which we mention specific beliefs, principles and indicators of a person being upon the correct methodology.

Questions answered in this lesson:

– What is the general meaning of “Ahlus Sunnah”?

– Are the various sects included in it?

– What are the earliest books written regarding Aqeedah and Usool Ad-Deen?

– What are the principles and beliefs by which a person is judged to be from Ahlus     Sunnah?

– “Ahlus Sunnah are not known by any other name except Muslim or Sunni.” What does this mean?

– Is it permitted to ascribe ourselves to a particular Tareeqah like Qaadiri or Suharwardi – when referring to Sulook or Tazkiyat An-Nafs

– What is the meaning of “moderation” in Islaam?

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