New Carpet at CICT

Regular attendees of CICT will know that we have had an ongoing problem with our carpet ever since it was fitted three Ramadan’s ago. Despite paying several hundreds of pounds on top of the £4000+ we paid originally to repair and refit the carpet, it has never really been up to scratch. However, Alhamdullillaah, as a result of a kind offer from a group of brothers who attend the masjid, we will have a new carpet fitted inshaAllaah before the coming Ramadan. This is great news for all who attend the masjid and more so for the sisters whose prayer area is particularly bad. I am sure all of us will make duaa for those who have made this incredibly generous donation seeking the pleasure of Allaah. InshaAllaah we hope this is an inspiration to everyone to give generously in the way of Allaah by supporting the masjid.

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