Jihad, Islamic State and ISIS – Ash-Shithri at Croydon ICT

AsalaamuAlaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Due to a sudden and unplanned change in schedule, Shaykh Dr. Sa’ad bin Naasir Ash-Shithri will unfortunately not be attending Croydon ICT this evening as was planned and anticipated.

Please let others know so as to avoid inconvenience, JazakAllahukhairan. We will of course inform all again when the Shaykh returns to the UK, and he has committed to attending on his next visit Insha’Allah.

Additionally, as far as we’ve been advised this applies to the other Masajid the Shaykh was also due to visit over the next 2 days.

JazakAllahukhairan, Croydon ICT Management.


We are pleased to welcome a special guest speaker at Croydon ICT this coming Friday 9 January 2015 @ 6.30PM InshaAllahShaykh Dr. Sa’ad bin Naasir Ash-Shithriformer member of Kibaar Al-Ulema KSA.

Shaykh Sa’ad will be delivering a very relevant talk on Jihad, The Islamic State and ISIS – matters which require a great deal of clarification in our troubled times. See poster below for more details.

About the Shaykh: Shaykh Sa’ad is a former Islamic council member of the Council of Senior Ulema in Saudi Arabia (Kibaar Al-Ulema KSA). Sheikh Sa’ad holds a doctorate degree in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence & Methodology. He is also the author of several books explaining intricate topics found in the various Islamic Sciences, and has revised, authenticated, and explained a large number of texts. His presence and caliber in the field of da’wah and Islamic education is known around the world.


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