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InshaAllaah this Ramadan we want to ensure we have a full time Imam to lead the services at our Masjid. We are calling on our community to support us in achieving this.

Alhamdulillah since opening the Masjid in 2009, we as a community have achieved many great things. With Tawfiq from Allaah we managed to purchase the masjid building in August 2014, and in doing so ensuring the future of our Masjid. Then over the past two years we have successfully with Allaah’s help and the support of the community and other generous donors managed to repay the vast majority of the Qard Hasanah loans we took to purchase the property. We now have just £3,000 left to pay back inshaAllaah.

Whilst paying off these loans we have maintained the services that are being provided, from daily madrasah for children, lessons for adults in Quran, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tajweed, Arabic, weekly counselling sessions for all members of the community, and also in reaching out to the wider community with our weekly Dawah table in Croydon Hight Street. These are only a handful of the services we are currently providing here at CICT, and AlhamdullillAllaah we fully intend to increase our services and reach out further to the wider community inshaAllah.

After these years of hard work in building a firm foundation we are now in need of appointing a permanent Imam, who will be the head of our community inshaAllaah. However, this can only be done with the help of the whole community as we do not currently have sufficient funds coming in on a monthly basis to employ a suitable person.

From interviewing prospective candidates and speaking to trustees of other masaajid we believe a competent Imam’s salary is in the region of £30,000 per year. Unlike some other masaajid we are not affiliated to any particular group that funds the masjid and as such AlhamdullillAllaah CICT has always delivered its services through the support of the community.

As such we are again turning to the community to help us appoint an Imam for the community! We wish to divide the cost of the new Imam between 500 people each paying a minimum of £5 per month.

We believe £5 a month from each adult member of our community is a small amount of money and achievable even for those who are unemployed or on low incomes. So ask yourself the question – what can £5 buy? A good pair of shoes? An hours private tuition? A meal at a restaurant? Probably not! But what it can buy if we all do our job and work together is a highly qualified Imam for our Masjid!

Simple Calculation!!!!!           £5 per month = HIGHLY QUALIFIED IMAM

The benefits for our community of having a qualified Imam are so numerous they cannot be listed.

How can you contribute?

  1. A one off yearly payment of £60 by cash, cheque or online via BT mydonate this Ramadan.
  2. Setting up a standing order for £5 a month using forms available at the masjid. Please return the forms to the CICT Administrator or by putting the forms in the donation boxes available at the masjid. UK tax payers please remember to tick the gift aid box so we can claim an extra 25% via the gift aid scheme.
  3. By paying £5 a month by cash, cheque or online via BT mydonate. Please email or text 07534066231 with your mobile phone and email contact details so we can send you a reminder at the beginning of each month. Alternatively you can fill out this information on forms available at the Masjid during prayer times.

Donations can be made by following this link UK tax payers please tick gift aid so that your donation will be increased by 25% immediately via the gift aid scheme for charitable donations.


2 thoughts on “Imaam Fund

  1. Asalaam walaikum
    Would it be allowed to pay for the imman by zakat money?

    Mrs Taimuri

    • wa alaikumu Salam waRahmatuLLAH,

      sorry for the late reply, i will find out and let you know in sha Allah.

      baarak Allahu feek

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