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We are seeking to develop the Masjid to facilitate the ever growing demands of our community and, by the Grace of Allâh, we have been presented with an opportunity to purchase the entire premises that we currently lease a portion of, which would most certainly enable us to cater adequately for our community and future generations.

Ultimately, the current situation is untenable – we are always in a situation where we are struggling to meet our rent and rates – buying the building will put an end to this: WHY THE URGENCY? because the price we currently have to purchase the building is due to double if we are unable to complete the purchase in just a few days

With your help, our plan is to create a FULLY SELF SUSTAINABLE Masjid, that will generate enough income to secure the centre for future generations to benefit from.

If we are unable to purchase our current premises in just a few days, we face the prospect of vacating our premises, and will ultimately have to use the funds raised to purchase another property – this would definitely be a much smaller premises, as the price for similar sized properties in the local area are much higher than the price we have negotiated for our premises.


  • We currently pay £52,000 in rent and service charges which will be an immediate saving once we purchase the building.
  • Additionally, we will receive rent of the shop downstairs on the ground floor, as well as rent for the signboard. These will achieve approximately £64,000 income InshaAllah.
  • Therefore we believe we will have an income of approximately £116K a year – that’s even before we build 10 apartments above that would yield a further income of approximately £108K.
  • Increase in collections revenues at Jummu’ah, Ramadhan, Eid etc
  • Therefore, in addition to accepting your generous donations, we are also willing to accept Qard loans, as we have a guaranteed income stream once purchased that will allow us to pay back any such loans in a relatively short space of time.


  • Increased Capacity: over 1,000 male worshippers plus a dedicated floor for 300 women and children
  • Total Financial Self-Sustainability
  • New Islamic Community School
  • Expansion of The Holy Qur’an School
  • College and school tuition
  • Followed by many other benefits such as Full Funeral Services, Crèche facilities and much more – see full details of the staged approach of Our Project >>

The funding for this project has currently been led and raised by the local congregation, and Alhamdulillâh, they have been most generous and forthcoming. However, we are sadly very far from a target that we need to reach in order to kick start this project.

We are therefore reaching out to the wider community to assist in the development of this much needed facility, that will encompass more than just a place of prayer, and that will InshaAllâh lead to the development of so many more successful Muslims; in just under 5 years, we have through our dawah programmes facilitated the Shahadâs and correct Islamic instruction of over 600 newly reverted Muslims, Alhamdulillâh.

Over the past year alone, we have continued to engage in expanding services and facilities for our community whilst struggling to meet rent: our New and Improved Bookshop and Coffee Shop is one such example, as is our acquisition of the Second Floor of the Building, upon the demands of our community.

Investing in this project is your opportunity to build your home in Jannah;

Uthman ibn Affan (may Allâh be pleased with him) said: I heard the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) say: “Whoever builds a Masjid, desiring thereby Allâh’s pleasure. Allâh builds for them the like of it in Paradise.” Sahih Al Bukhari | Vol 8 | Chapter 65

We endeavour to provide as much information as possible on the plan that we have formulated, and we pray that you will assist us in this very necessary and incredibly rewarding project.