After continuing bombing, the people of Daraa are now fleeing to the Idlib region.

They are expected to arrive in tens of thousands.

In the past few weeks, over 75,000 civilians have already been displaced from Daraa

Most of them are living in harsh conditions with whatever they could carry on their backs.

Crisis Aid team is on the ground helping them. We urgently need your donations to provide as many families as possible with 1 mattress, 1 blanket, 1 food Parcel and I hygiene pack.

The cost of one emergency pack above is only £50

Crisis Aid provided the same packs for those who fled Ghouta and Hama and other regions.

*Let us be there again for the people of Daraa. *

_The prophet (s) said: _
“Verily Allah is in the aid of his slave as long as his slave is in the aid of his brother.”

Donate now: https://www.crisisaid.org.uk/daraaict

Donations Hotline: 01582 211 066

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